The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Tucson (HFLAT) is an interest-free, non-sectarian, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering financial assistance to the Tucson community since 1947. We are a Qualifying Charitable Organization in the state of Arizona. HFLAT is a member of the International Association of Jewish Free Loans.

Life can be challenging for all of us no matter our background, education or social status. Hard times often hit with no warning at all. Sometimes people simply need support in achieving a life long dream. At the Hebrew Free Loan Association of Tucson our goal is to help people help themselves. Borrowers can feel they have a partner that believes in them and is their champion.

Whether financial assistance is needed to pay medical bills, rent and utilities, school tuition or  to start a business, the Hebrew Free Loan Association of Tucson can help. We lend a hand to those in need, not a hand out. Loan applicants are treated confidentially with loving kindness.  Those who meet our established criteria have an opportunity to receive interest-free financial assistance while maintaining their self-respect and dignity.

As borrowers re-pay their loans, funds are recycled and made available for new loans.


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 Hebrew Free Loan Association of Tucson

         Acts of Loving Kindness Since 1947......All Faiths Welcome